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Protect your Glass Assets

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Revive and Protect Your Building Glass

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Have your home or building glass revived and protected

Thank you for your interest in EasyClean professional services and solutions.

Some stains cannot be removed?

No matter how hard home owners, cleaning companies or building maintenance teams try, it can be impossible to remove some stains and build-up from the glass. Or so they think. Our proprietary restoration products will revive the glass and change your opinion. Better yet, our glass restoration and protection products will save you time and money and will be demonstrated to you.

Make your building greener

After the glass surfaces was revived and protected, your home and building glass will be even greener because EasyClean protected surfaces will reduce cleaning intervals, conserving water and eliminating harsh cleaning chemicals that would be washed into our rivers, dams, and oceans.

Reduce monthly maintenance costs

EasyClean professional services accomplishes cost savings by reducing the number of required cleaning cycles by up to 70%. If you’re a home owner, building owner of or managing a building, that means fewer window cleaners are required. If you’re a window cleaner, the job will go much faster and the windows will be even brighter than ever. It doesn’t get much better than a quicker, less expensive, better job.

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Issues you are interested in resolving

  • High cleaning costs
  • Cleaning water waste
  • Construction damage
  • Sealant or other staining
  • Acid rain damage

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Protect Your Vehicle

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Have a vehicle you'd like to have protected?

Protect your Car, Pick-up, Truck, SUV, and the people in them.

EasyClean Diamon-fusion® protective coatings have been scientifically proven to deliver a safer driving experience for you and your passengers.

It improves visibility during rainy conditions by more than 30%,

Glare is reduced significantly by up to 25%,

The covalent bond is up to 10 times stronger than hydrogen-bridge bonds most commonly found in other water repellent coatings,

Response/reaction time improved by up to 25% or up to 17 meters when driving at 60 k/ph,

(*See test results, by Alfred University Institute for Glass Science and Engineering

EasyClean Diamon-fusion® Benefits

  • It is water resistant;
  • Frost resistant;
  • Scratch resistant (protecting the surface and preventing most chips and cracks);
  • Reduces glare significantly;
  • Improves night vision;
  • Oil resistant (oleo phobic) - repels paint, permanent marker, petrol and diesel;
  • Reduces pitting and erosion caused by hot dry conditions;
  • It shares the electrons with molecules in the glass itself (called a covalent bond) thereby becoming one with the glass;
  • Is UV resistant; won’t blister or peel like other coatings;
  • Insurance protection (reduces insurance rates through avoiding unnecessary insurance claims);
  • Extends the life of the surface;
  • Lasts much longer than competitive products and reduces frequent reapplications;
  • Is graded by the military for industrial use;
  • Easier to clean;
  • Increases brilliance;
  • Protects and creates a more hygienic surface;
  • Eliminates the need for harsh and harmful cleaning chemicals;
  • Impact resistant;
  • Reduces cleaning by up to 90%;

How does it work?

The proprietary chemicals are friendly to the environment and react with the moisture on the surface and the silica in the substrate; generating a two-stage chemical process.

The two-step coating process first causes a “cross-linked;” and “branched” silicone film which grows from below the surface at the atomic level. Step two then “caps” the entire chain of atoms and binds them together.

This process substantially increases hydrophobic and durability properties. Chemically speaking, it leaves no pointy edges for attachment of contaminants; and the longer chemical chains make the treated surface resistant to water.

EasyClean Diamon-Fusion® is a scientifically proven safety feature™

Tests and studies have proven that you and your passengers are safer in a vehicle which has a Diamon-Fusion® treated windshield.

The Diamon-Fusion protective coating is a patented chemical invention that has been used, amongst others, by the US Army to provide better visibility and reduce the damage their vehicles which are operated in the harsh environments.

In a passenger car or pick-up truck, the windshield is often part of the structural integrity of the vehicle. Driving around with a chipped or cracked windshield reduces the safety of the vehicle. The windshield also supports the roof structure; and in some models, it provides a backstop for the airbag.

Tests conducted at the Institute for Glass Science and Engineering at Alfred University in New York proves that Diamon-Fusion’s® impact and scratch resistance is unequalled. The test confirmed that when trying to damage a surface treated with Diamon-Fusion, the force applied had to be ten-times more than damaging an unprotected surface. In other words, the smallest pebble that can do damage to your windshield, when traveling a certain speed and hitting a certain angle, has to be ten times larger to do damage to a Diamon-Fusion protected windshield.

Diamon-Fusion’s® protective coatings are damage-resistant; buys you increased reaction time; reduces night time glare; improves durability and longevity of the windshield; - and overall increased the safety of you and your passengers. That is why the US Army, the US Navy, and more than 750,000 vehicles globally have been protected with Diamon-Fusion.


EasyClean Diamon-Fusion® improves visibility

Diamon-Fusion® protected windshields are highly water-repellent - thereby shedding water - and increasingly so at higher speeds. This is illustrated in the video below. Take a look at the difference between a half-protected (treated) and half-unprotected (untreated) windshield.

Diamon-Fusion® also repels mud, snow and ice, insect impact and anything else that can get splattered on your windshield. In addition to improving visibility, it also makes clean up and maintenance much easier.

EasyClean Diamon-Fusion® reduces windshield damage

Diamon-Fusion® protective coatings are a scientifically proven safety feature™ for vehicles. University and military studies prove that Diamon-Fusion reduces the amount of damage a windshield experiences from flying debris.

A damaged windshield can compromise the safety of a vehicle in several ways.

EasyClean Diamon-Fusion® improves night vision

Diamon-Fusion® protective coatings improve night vision by a large degree.

As you will see in the video, untreated glass at microscopic level has a rough surface with peaks and valleys. This rough, untreated surface of a windshield acts like millions of tiny prisms, splitting and deflecting the light in different directions, resulting in night time glare.

Diamon-Fusion® significantly reduces splitting and deflection of light, thereby reducing the night glare dramatically for a safer night time driving experience.

EasyClean Diamon-Fusion® improves driver reaction time

University tests prove that Diamon-Fusion® increases reaction time by a full second in rainy conditions. If you are traveling at 60Km per hour, that second equals 17m extra reaction time which will save lives and prevent damage.

EasyClean Diamon-Fusion’s® longevity benefits

Competitive coating products break down with exposure to UV light. Diamon-Fusion’s® unique patented properties does not break down when exposed to sunlight, and lasts months, or even years, instead of weeks.

Mechanical abrasion, such as windshield wipers scraping over the glass will reduce the performance of any coating. The more wipers are used, the quicker the coating will show wear and tear.

As Diamon-Fusion’s® wears, the first noticeable difference is water-repellence and you may notice that it becomes less efficient over time. The good news is that with a simple application of Diamon-Fusion’s® Revitalizer, you will get that “like new” water-repellence right back.

Your dealership may offer Diamon-Fusion’s® Peak Performance Programme which includes free Revitalizer applications. Once you’ve seen a decrease in water-repellence - and even if you haven’t had Revitalizer applied- the impact and scratch resistance of Diamon-Fusion’s® is still present and effective, and will be for years.

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